Thursday, September 1, 2011

So Many Clubs, So Little Time...

It wasn't long after I chose Penn State University that I started looking through the *huge* list of clubs and organizations. Every activity, interest, belief, and hobby is represented in some for or another.

Like acting? There's a club for that.
Ham Radio? There's a club for that.
Economic theory? There's a club for that.
Model Railroading? There's a club for that.

Seriously, if you have an interest and a desire to share it with others, the famously huge number of PSU clubs and organizations has something to offer. However, a lot have certain time commitments, which leads me to my point.

Opportunity is funny. Some people come to college and, shocked by the sudden freedom, drink themselves into a coma. Others slack off all day playing video games.

The healthy route is to find a couple clubs that you can dedicate decent amounts of time too. Find your main interests (say, chess, musicals, robots, and singing) and stick with those clubs (Chess Team, Thespians, Robotics Club, and ). Preferably, the clubs offer chances for volunteering in some form. Given the amazingly generous students at Penn State, this shouldn't be a problem.

As a Freshman, your main goal with clubs will be to get to know others who share your interests, as well as continue doing the activities you enjoy!

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